About Global Monetary

Global Monetary LLP is a closely held partnership with over $5 billion in assets. Our primary goal is to establish a secure and affordable means of engaging in transactions both over the Internet and in person. It has made a bold leap into the field of subdermal implants to build such a system. Global Monetary’s lack of hesitation in this regard firmly establishes it as the leader in this field going forward. Due to the inherent insecurities of competing systems, Global is in an enviable position of forging the next standard of exchange through out the world.

Global Monetary is a true virtual company. We outsource most activities such as research, development and manufacturing. We have offices in Seattle, Zurich, Nairobi, Montevideo and Singapore and have headquarters in Bentonville, AR.

Global Monetary is very active in the world community and is an avid supporter  and contributor to the United Nations.


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Global Monetary's Corporate Executives


Landru Horace Monroe

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board


Doyle Hargraves



Malcolm J. Rothschild

Chief Financial Officer


Carl Childers

General Counsel


Bill Cross

General Manager


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