Why was the idchip.com domain name showing as "unregistered" at the Internic.


When one goes to Internic.net or Whois.net and tries to look up who the domain name "idchip.com" is registered under they would get a response that said something to the effect that the domain doesn't exist.

This has befuddled folks from the beginning. People used it as evidence to support what ever conclusion that they had already come to. Some said it indicated that the company wasn't for real. They said that I had some how pirated the domain name. Which as far as I know isn't even possible. Many used it as evidence that Global Monetary was real and that only a large and powerful company could keep the Internic from posting information about it. Some thought that I was a computer genius who knew how to obscure the whois information. All of these theories are false.

The reason that the domain shows as unregistered is because the Internic (Network Solutions) screwed up. Their database is simply in error. The domain "idchip.com" is fully registered.