Frequently Asked Questions

I am concerned about getting an implant. What can you tell me about it?

The IDchip TM implant is a very small electronic device that is painlessly implanted into the tissue of your right palm. It leaves no scar and is not visible in any way. You will not be able to feel it in your hand, as the device is mostly soft flexible plastic. It will never need to be removed as it is continually recharged by the proprietary mouse . People have been made frightened of such devices by television programs etc., but there is no justifiable reason for concern. Pacemaker heart implants (which involve a much more invasive installation process) have no such stigma associated with them. And birth control implants have been used successfully for years.

How do I know if I am qualified to become a  IDchip TM member?

Eventually, everyone will be qualified to become a member, but for now all you need is a qualified computer and  to meet the demographic qualifications.

When I sign up to become a member of IDchip TM,  what happens?

If your application is accepted,  a customer service representative will contact you to schedule a time for a certified technician to painlessly affect the implant procedure. He will also setup the IDchip TM software and mouse on your home computer and will be available to answer any questions that you might have.

Why is Global Monetary paying so much money to get people to join?

We understand that the general public is uncomfortable with the notion of  implanted electronic Devices. So we feel we need to offer substantial incentive until such time as it has gained more public acceptance.

How can Global Monetary afford to pay so much money to get people to join?

This is a point that puzzles many people. However, one only needs to looks at the valuations of cable and Internet companies to understand. Take for example the recent acquisition of Gannet Co. cable assets by Cox Communications for an amount equal to $5100 per subscriber! Ebay, an Internet auction company, with little earnings was recently trading at an evaluation of $8000 per registered customer. This sounds ridiculously high, but it is at least, in part, justified due to the fact that these companies are establishing themselves as  major players in their respective industries. It is the same logic that we use when we offer such handsome incentives to customers.

How does Global Monetary make a profit?

Currently we do not make a profit. We are aggressively building a proprietary global system of exchange, customer tracking and profiling. From this, profit potential will emerge in the form of merchant fees and fees associated with market targeting, customer research and law enforcement.

Are Global Monetary's implants approved by the FDA?

Global Monetary implants and implant procedures have been proven safe and effective by independent laboratories. However, Global Monetary has not sought FDA approval due to the fact that we are not required to for products which are not being "sold" in the conventional sense.