Apply to become a charter IDchip TM member today. New members will receive a $250 sign-up bonus! Plus you will receive all the perks that membership has to offer.

You will receive the proprietary subdermal electronic implant with all of it's  monetary transaction security and convenience features.

You will be eligible to participate in various health insurance packages which average between 20 and 40% lower premiums than similar plans due to the health monitoring features of the ID system.

You will receive the proprietary IDchip TM software and computer mouse which interfaces directly with the electronic implant in your palm thus establishing a fool proof electronic ID system for e-commerce over the Internet and in stores (the latter feature has yet to be fully implemented).

You will be eligible to participate in the IPO (Initial Public Offering) of Global Monetary’s common stock. Note: In fact,  members will be given right of first refusal to all shares issued at the IPO.

After Global Monetary’s cardless ID system is operational you will instantly be enabled to participate. Once operational you will be able to purchase everything without the need of cash, check or even a credit card! The subdermal implant embedded in your palm is all you need! It provides a unique encrypted secure electronic ID that guarantees your accounts will remain safe from fraud and theft.

To qualify for membership you must own a qualifying computer system and meet the demographic qualifications.