What were the results?

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User log Analysis

Sorry for the delay on this, my previous log analysis software was not up to the task.  I think you will find these results very interesting.

The following is a ranking of institutions in accordance with their level of (early) interest in the goings on at Global Monetary website (IDchip.com).  It is ranked by the number of page views. The number of page views range from 509 to 111.

Click here to look at the raw log report from which this was drawn.


1. MIT.edu           (MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
2. GAtech.edu   (Georgia Tech)
3. Microsoft.com      (Microsoft Corporation)
4. IBM.com    (IBM)
5. CBN.org (Christian Broadcasting Network)
6. AF.mil   (United States Air Force)
7. NASA.gov    (N.A.S.A)
8. Navy.mil (United States Navy)
9. Intellimarkpa.com  (Intellimark)
10 AIG.com    (American International Group)

Note: After you start your research into the report you will find that a couple more
companies pop up that I didn't mention. That is because I originally posted
the institutions that spent the most TIME on the site and then I ranked them
in accordance with their number of page views. It's a matter of methodology.

Numer of Applications for IDchip implantation:

Many people filled out applications (about 250)  several of these were just jokers or people trying to find out if the company was for real, but I have estimated that about 110 of these were sincere.

Since the first 48 hours, people have continued to spam out some of the deeper URLs for the IDchip site and I have gotten applications from subsequent visitors, this is why the above number has grown since the last web update. I have since removed the application page from the site.